Social Buzz. Solid Backlinks. Brand Awareness. Smiles

That’s what happens when you sponsor a giveaway with Giveaway Scoop. We’re giveaway experts, so we know just how superbly giveaways work in creating authentic social awareness and links about your product and brand. Here’s what to expect with a sponsored giveaway with us:

  • 100’s of new Facebook likes for your brand’s Facebook page
  • 100’s of new Twitter followers and tweets promoting your brand
  • Increase your newsletter followers and strengthen brand awareness

We make giveaways SUPER SIMPLE for you. We’ll do the heavy lifting, get the word out on the giveaway and clean up the ticker tape after your giveaway is finished. Just take a look:

  • We’ll create an attractive post for the sponsored giveaway (example)
  • We’ll feature the sponsored giveaway on our front page and listings
  • We’ll tweet about it, post it on our Facebook page and in our newsletter
  • After the giveaway is finished, we’ll provide you with social metrics

Want an example of a sponsored giveaway?

Tracky sponsored an Apple MacBook Pro with Giveaway Scoop and added close to a 1000 new Facebook likes and Twitter followers. The giveaway resulted in introducing thousands of new people to their awesome social collaboration platform.


Interested in sponsoring a giveaway? Need a question answered?

Go ahead then and email us at contact@giveawayscoop.com. Once we get your email we can then provide a custom giveaway plan based upon your specific needs.