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Take A Scroll Down Winner’s Lane

Giveaway Scoop mainly highlights stellar giveaways going on around the web, but we regularly do cool giveaways ourselves since our domain does have the word “Giveaway” in it.

Below you’ll see winners of our various past giveaways. Want a chance to win yourself? Be sure to check out our Latest giveaways which we’re currently running.

Theuri Kahuga Won Our last week’s Nintendo Giveaway!
“This is a dream come true… Thank you so much Giveaway Scoop”

nintendo switch winner

Grace Mateo Won Our Macbook Pro Giveaway last month!
“I was keen to win this giveaway, happy to have a monstrous machine for my work… very very thank you ”

macbook pro winner Grace Mateo

Billie Jo B. Won Our last year’s Xbox Giveaway!
“Thanks so much to the awesome people at Giveaway Scoop for my new Xbox! I’m enjoying it very much :)”

Billie Jo xbox winner

Emilee R. Won Our $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

“I was so excited to find out I won their blogger giveaway last month! How awesome that they offer giveaways for the bloggers?!”

emilee amazon gift card winner

Pat V. Won Our Kindle Fire Giveaway!
“Thank you so much Giveaway Scoop! I got my Prize that I won – I so love my Kindle :-)”

kindle fire winner

Loryi H. Won Our Canon PowerShot A1300 Giveaway!
“Got my prize that I won today. Thank you Giveaway Scoop for this Canon PowerShot A1300, my daughter loves it. ;D”

Loryi canon giveaway winner

Pamela M. Won Our Blogger Kindle Fire Giveaway!
“Big THANK YOU for my Kindle Fire! My son has taken it over! Pamela M. is very happy she won!”


Sarah C. Won The Apple iPad 3 Giveway Sponsored By Tracky!
“I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive that email! It was early in the morning and my husband was getting dressed. I snuck over (daughter sleeping) and whispered as excitedly as I could, “I WON AN IPAD!” He was amazed to say the least.”


Debbie J. Won Our Kindle Fire Giveaway!
“Thank you Giveaway Scoop! I am so happy – my kindle fire arrived :)”

debbie kindle fire winner